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        • Earth Friendly Building Materials, manufacturer of EF Block (TM), recycles Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) into eco-friendly insulated concrete forms, the ideal material for green construction.
        • Earth Friendly Building Materials, LLC, owners Dan and Sue Ellen Chouinard, have many years of experience in construction and particularly with "green" construction products and services.
        • Clients rave about Earth Friendly Block and the services they receive from Earth Friendly Building Materials.
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        • Earth Friendly Block (EF Block TM) is a green building material made from recyclyed polystyrene made by Earth Friendly Building Materials, LLC, which also makes Enviro-Tilt and other products.
        • Earth Friendly EF Block is a green building material that transforms recycled polystyrene (EPS) into a superb Green building material for a wide range of projects.
        • The EF Block Powerpoint presentation provides a more detailed look at this green construction product, an insulated concrete form (ICF) that is eco-friendly, recycling expanded polystyrene.
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        • Green building materials from Earth Friendly Building Materials are insulated concrete form (ICF) products that are provided with a wide range of optional service to help you succeed.
        • Green construction is a growing phenomenon. Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) are a major component of the industry. Lots of green building events are happening and EFBM is there.
        • One of many public service activities of Earth Friendly Building Materials.
        • Insulated concrete forms (ICFs), made from recycled polystyrene (EPS) come in many shapes and have many uses. Articles here on EF Block and other ICFs will give a feel for the variety.
        • Earth Friendly Building Materials, LLC, is very busy getting out the word about EF Block, its eco-friendly green construction product, recycline EPS into strong green building blocks.
        • This news item highlights the green building educational efforts of Earth Friendly Building Materials, LLC. Its product EF Blocik, made of recycled EPS, is the future of green construction.
        • Full article about the green business opportunity demonstrated by Earth Friendly Building Materials partner and his new EF Block plant in La Paz, Baja California, Mexico.
        • This page is the full article on a talk by Earth Friendly Building Materials owner Dan Chouinard at the Scottsdale Green Building Forum.
        • EF Block is the preferred green building solution for just about everything, including Arizona's proposed border fence.
        • Earth Friendly Building Materials is the maker of EF Block, a fire-resistant green building products. Their green constuction display attracted the attention of thousands at Yarnell, AZ, fundraiser.
        • Earth Friendly Building Materials is a quality producer of green construction products, including insulating concrete forms, like EF Block, and eco-friendly solution.
        • Earth Friendly Building Materials presents two galleries of pictures of EF Block projects: Complete projects and green construction projects in progress.
        • EF Block is the green building material of choice for many in the southwest. Here is a sampling of the more than 10,000 projects Earth Friendly Building Materials, LLC, has completed.
        • This gallery shows a number of green construction projects using EF Block in various stage of completion to provide a feel for the green building process.


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