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        Here's what people are saying about EF Block?:

        Dear Sue and Dan, - FANTASTIC - my son Cale and I attended your class Saturday and we were blown away, very informative, excellent presentation and we look forward to working with you and using your products. We will be in touch and hope to talk with you soon. Thanks again for such an excellent idea and product. It was a pleasure to meet you both.

        Best Wishes - Dave and Cale


        To anyone who might be interested:

        Fifteen years ago, my wife and I built a 3-story house here in Flagstaff, AZ, using EFBM (Earth Friendly Building Materials) block walls all around. We didn't have enough money to finish it all at once; so we left the outside walls unfinished for at least 5 years until we could afford to cover the EFBM block with stone and some stucco. Some of the inside walls are still uncovered. During that time, we did not have any damage to the EF Block or infiltration of moisture through it due to rain or snow piled up against it. When we finally covered it , it looked and felt the same as when we put it up.

        My son is now building a house with EF Block walls right next to ours. That's how pleased we are with the material.

        Tony DeCou


        Dear Dan, Sue Ellen and Lindsey,

        Thank you for the wonderful EF Block presentation. It was worth the drive from California. I appreciated the many benefits of your EF Block, eg, its 4 hour fire proof rating, the ease to work with, its strength, its light weight, its insulation qualities, on and on. EF Block is the way of the future. Please advise when there are more training opportunities. I wish you all the best.

        Go with Earth Friendly Building Materials!
        Mike and Anita Roche


        Hi, Sue!

        It was great to meet the three of you, including your daughter (who's awesome!) & your puppy. We will be getting with Paul to draft up plans then with Dan to compute quantity & cost of materials. We invited your daughter and Dan to please stop by weekly to keep us on track once we start building. They said they would. :)

        All the Best,


        I built my 2200 sq ft house in Mesa AZ in Jan-May of 2003. Dan's company put up the exterior walls using Earth Friendly block -- it only took a week to September, a neighbor asked my how much my August electric bill was -- the average temperatures here were about 110 degrees the whole month. My cost was $128, his was about $450. And, yes, I was comfortable all year round.
        Kris Hansen, Mesa, AZ


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