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        EF Block Distributors

         Yarnell Hill Fire Memorial Park ? Shapes a Fire Proof Wall with Earth Friendly Block

        Tempe, AZ (April 15, 2016)--The sudden, tragic loss of 19 of Arizona’s best firefighters, Prescott’s Granite Mountain Interagency Hotshot Crew, during the Yarnell Hill Fire, on June 30, 2013, painfully reminds us all of the danger and destruction that uncontrolled wildfire can cause. The lightning started fire intensified that afternoon, with strong winds from a nearby thunderstorm, changing direction, and accelerating, overtaking the firefighters, and destroying 134 homes, while burning 8,400 acres. Click to read.

         Yarnell Hill Fire Memorial Park

        Tempe, AZ (April 15, 2016)-- On June 28, 2013, a lightning strike ignited a small fire in a boulder field about two miles west of the small, unincorporated community of Yarnell. One of several small fires resulting from an early-summer storm, the Yarnell Hill Fire became the deadliest wildfire in Arizona history. It destroyed 8,400 acres, took the lives of 19 elite firefighters and destroyed 134 homes, most of them in Yarnell, which lost roughly a quarter of its homes. Click to read.

         Lowe’s to Offer Earth Friendly Building Materials'
        Insulated Concrete Form

        Arizona Supplier Extends Retailer’s Green Construction Materials Offerings

        Tempe, AZ (January 23, 2015)-- Lowe’s Companies and Earth Friendly Building Materials, LLC (EFBM) announced today that the international home improvement company will be adding EFBM’s patented Earth Friendly Block? (EF Block?) to its environmentally responsible product line. Residential and commercial builders, contractors and consumers now have an alternative energy efficient construction material available to increase sustainability. Click to read.

        Portable ICF Plants Now Available

        EF Block is manufactured by an affordable mini-plant process. An EF Block plant may be an ideal investment opportunity, as raw materials (recycled post-consumer EPS) are available locally and local outlets of national distributors are seeking product without inter-state transportation cost. More details are in the attached article published in the July/August issue of ICF BUILDER magazine. Click to read.


        Fountain Hills Builder Uses Fountain Hills-based ICF Block to Build Super-Efficient Homes

        Fountain Hills, AZ (April 21, 2014)--A new EF Block? home is going up in town. Locally-based Fountain Hills builder John Fontaine with Fontaine Construction Inc. builds almost exclusively with EF Block. He has built quality, exclusive custom EF Block homes all over the area, and is now building his 2nd personal Fountain Hills residence with EF Block, at 16217 E. Emerald Drive. John has been contracting since 1980 and has built 10 homes using Earth Friendly Building Materials. . . .Continue Reading

        New EF Block? Plant Opens in Kingman, AZ

        TEMPE, AZ (March 11, 2014)--With the cost of energy rising every year, homeowners and businesses are facing increasing demands to consider incorporating super-efficiency into their building structures to lower energy costs, and produce structures that are more durable and promote better health for the family and workforce.  Tempe-based Dan Chouinard and his wife Sue have made it their life’s mission to revitalize the green building movement with a visionary product . . . Continue Reading

         Special Video Segment

        House made of EF Block? Stands Alone after Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Tornado

        PHOENIX, AZ (May, 2012)--Channel 12 News did a segment on Earth Friendly Block, featuring President and founder, Dan Chouinard, after national video feeds showed the incredible destruction wrought by an April tornado in Tuscaloosa, AL, which leveled every house in a large residential neighborhood except one: That house was constructed with EF Block?. Click this link for video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J--F89omIJE

        EF Block? Manufacturing Goes International

        LA PAZ, BAJA CALIFORNIA SUR, MEXICO (February 11,2013)--The Earth Friendly Block plant in La Paz celebrated its first anniversary of operation. The owner, Mike Donahoe, operates under a contract with Earth Friendly Building Materials, LLC, (EFBM) of Tempe, Arizona, to produce EF Block? for local area green construction projects. Continue reading . . .

        Yarnell Begins to Rebuild

        YARNELL, AZ (August 30, 2013)--Earth Friendly Building Materials, LLC, participated in a fundraising event held here on Saturday to benefit the families of firefighters who died in the Yarnell Hill wildfire this summer. The event attracted thousands of people.
        Continue reading . . .

        Preach Building Supply Sponsors EF Block Installation Class

        BUCKEYE, AZ (June 15, 2013)--A group of 35 contractors and do-it-yourselfers gathered at Preach Building Supply here today, for the Earth Friendly Block (EF Block?) How-To Workshop presented by Earth Friendly Building Material’s owner Dan Chouinard. Preach Building Supply stocks EF Block? at its South Jack Rabbit Trail location and two other locations in the Phoenix area. Continue reading. . .

        Dan Chouinard speaks at Scottsdale Green Building Lecture

        SCOTTSDALE, AZ (May 2, 2013)--Dan Chouinard, president and founder of Earth Friendly Building Materials, LLC, addressed an interested audience at the City of Scottsdale's on-going lecture series. Speaking to a group of contractors, do-it-yourselfers and other Scottsdale residents,  Continue reading . . .

        EFBM and Earth Friendly Block Featured at Local Trade ShowVendor Trade Show

        BUCKEYE, AZ (April 26, 2013)--Dan Chouinard took his EF Block? exhibit on the road to the far west side of Phoenix Metro on Friday to participate in a trade show produced by a local distributor, Preach Building Supply. Billed as a "Vendor Trade Show", the event ran from 10:00am to 2:00pm and featured dozens of local manufactures and suppliers of such home improvement products as paving, paint, synthetic grass and, of course, "green" masonry supplies. The EFBM exhibit as usual drew a lot of interest visitors and resulted in many inquiries.

        Articles on Insulated Concrete Forms

        The Greenest ICFs may be Gray
        Cement/EPS Blends are "Earth-Friendly"

        By M. Foster Brooks
        (Published in Construction Review Online)

        The green building movement, already a huge factor in the residential sector, is likely to transform commercial construction as well. One pundit claims it will transform building in the same way electric lights and air conditioning did last century. Insulating concrete forms (ICFs) are well-positioned to take advantage of this trend; they're durable, energy-efficient, and widely available. Among the various types of ICFs on the market, perhaps the most environmentally or Earth Friendly are the so-called composite ICFs, blocks made from a mix of expanded polystyrene (EPS) and Portland cement. Continue reading.

        Build your own Green Future

        By M. Foster Brooks
        (Published in Construction Review Online)

         People will always need places to live and work, so there will always be a market for construction materials. But as the nature of those materials changes with rising costs, scarcity of raw materials and increasing shipping fees, builders will need to find affordable alternatives; preferably options close at hand. Or they can now make their own!

        Typically manufacturing facilities to produce building materials such as concrete blocks, ICB or ICF (insulated concrete block/form) can cost upwards of US$15 million. But EF Block has an affordable purchase plan that is ideal for developing markets. Continue Reading.

        Build a Weather-Proof, Fire-Proof Home

        By M. Foster Brooks

        While thousands of Arizonans, Coloradans, Oklahomans and Southern Californians contemplate how they'll rebuild homes splintered by nature's extreme winds or charred by wildfires ripping through the region, they will undoubtedly look for safe, durable materials that don't easily blow away or burn.

        The answer for many will be insulated concrete forms (ICFs)-- (Read the full article.)

        Building an EF Block Bench

        1. Plan the bench for its location. What size should it be? will it be basic or fancy? Is it for a picnic table, a garden seat or a window seat? EF Block? is so versatile that your imagination is your only limit. Have no fears, Earth Friendly Block is an inexpensive and forgiving material to work with. (Read the full article.)


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