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        We are proud to offer these fine ICF Blocks and other products
        to support your construction needs:

        Earth Friendly BlockThe latest development in ICF Blocks, patent-pending Earth Friendly Block (EF Block?) transforms standard recycled polystyrene (EPS) into durable, fire-resistant and highly insulative blocks that are easy to stack and shape into just about every construction design imaginable. EF Block? will have an everlasting positive impact on your lifestyle and on our environment through strength of construction, thermal energy savings and the recycled use of materials that would otherwise be sent to landfills. Earth Friendly Block

        Buildings made with EF Block? are quick and easy to construct. As a single block measures 10"X12"X60" and weighs 50-52 pounds, each block laid equals five square feet of wall space added. The blocks are stacked, glued and grouted with rebar and concrete. The finished product is seven times as strong as wood-frame construction. Once constructed, various facades and coatings can be applied to customize the appearance of the finished walls. For more details, click HERE.


         The Enviro-Tilt? concept transforms standard polystyrene blocks into patented Enviro-Tilt? panels that incorporate dovetail grooves to facilitate adherence to tilt-up panels. Once constructed, various facades can be applied to customize the appearance of the finished walls. Enviro-Tilt? panels are a clean and efficient way to insulate tilt-up projects PRIOR to projectEnviro-Tilt Panel assembly, significantly reducing construction time. In addition to time and cost savings, Enviro-Tilt? insulation panels are pemanently attached to the tilt-up panels and won't peel away, enhancing the durability of the structure.

        Enviro-Tilt? panels are available in various thicknesses. We can deliver them anywhere in the United States. For more on Enviro-Tilt, click HERE.


        Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF)
        For a FREE copy of
        Dan Chouinard's
        EF Block? "How To" Installation Handbook, click here:

        EF Block Offer

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