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        EPS Recycling

         EPS Recycling


        We are the official EPS recycler for Arizona State University, Mesa Community College and Maricopa County.


        Earth Friendly Building Materials maintains a drop-off bin that is accessible 24/7 at our office location:

        205 South Industrial Drive, Tempe, AZ 85281


        We strongly support recycling! EF Block? is made from 87% post-consumer Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), or Styrofoam. Without recycling, this foam packaging material would end up in landfills. As EPS is mostlyICF Raw Material air and non-biodegradable plastic, the build up of this voluminous material will drastically reduce the life span of expensive landfill properties.

        Our commitment to recycling goes beyond collecting and repurposing this material. During the manufacturing of Earth Friendly Block, all scrap, waste material and excess water are recycled back into our block-making process. Even when we re-cut EF Block? at our plant for our customers, the scrap from the cuts is recycled. There is no waste!

        Our mini-plant manufacturing model encourages localized production, which reduces both transportation of raw EPS (once again, mostly air!) and the shipping of bricks, resulting in a lower carbon footprint for our products.

        By reducing extraction, processing and transportation of virgin materials, EFBM is continuing to find ways to reduce its impact on the environment and preserve the resources we all value. Saving natural habitats, resources, water and air quality is part of our commitment to the planet.

        Recycle EPSYou can help, too!

        Bring us your clean polystyrene foam, such as the protective packaging forms from your new appliances, VCRs, televisions, furniture, computers and other fragile items. We will use this material to make EF Block?!

        For further information, or to coordinate the delivery of large loads, please call us at (602) 541-0791.

        To learn more about EPS Recycling, visit the Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers website at www.epspackaging.org.

         ASU Recycling at Earth Friendly Building Materials

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         Tempe Union High School Recycles EPS, too.

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