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        About Earth Friendly Building Materials

        Our Mission: To empower consumers to complete construction by providing earth friendly building materials and needed training; and to promote an alternative approach to building that has a positive impact on our planet today and for generations to come.

        Sue Ellen and DanBackground: Earth Friendly Building Materials, LLC (EFBM) is owned and operated by Dan and Sue Ellen Chouinard. Dan has been in construction since 1969 when he started framing with his father, Ernie Chouinard, and American Framers, LLC. Dan started construction with CMU (Concrete Masonry Unit), switched to wood-frame construction, and then, in 1990, started looking at several alternative building materials due to the quantity and quality of wood products available. Dan has complete knowledge of construction through general contracting in both residential and commercial fields. Dan and his son, Jason, partnered in 1990 to form Earth Friendly Building Materials and sell RASTRA? and PerformWall? as environmentally friendly solutions to building. The desire for quality and sustainability had led them away from using wood as the only means of construction.

        During the 15 years that EFBM was the exclusive dealer for PerformWall? in Arizona, Dan began to create innovative variations of the PerformWall? concept, but few carried the ICBO seal of approval. In recent years, however, those innovations, EnviroTilt? and EF Block?, have matured and achieved ICBO status. These locally manufactured alternatives are now a viable source of affordable materials at a time when fuel and shipping costs are at an all-time high. 

        Our Business Today: In addition to EnviroTilt? and EF Block?, EFBM promotes a line of innovative surfacing products, including Enviro-Cote, Enviro-Guard and Enviro-Finish, which enhance custom construction. To distribute these offerings, EFBM has a network of qualified sales representatives statewide and a growing national and international presence. The company recently sold an EF Block?  manufacturing plant to a contractor in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico, and plans are in the works for further regionalized franchising.

        Earth Friendly Building Materials, LLC, provides complete sales and service for our products. We offer materials lists, unloading, on-the-job training at one of our sites, and we'll even send a man to your site. EFBM has been working with the Green Building Program of The City of Scottsdale. We are also a sponsor of the American Lung Association home at Civano, a green residential development in Tucson, Arizona. EFBM continues to help communities reduce the environmental impact of residential and commercial construction. It's part of our VISION: To encourage experimentation and growth by providing opportunities, knowledge and the necessary tools, promoting productive relationships that do not end with the project.

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